Access to Apprenticeships

The Access to Apprenticeships grant is available to all Suffolk employers and open to both small to medium sized and Levy paying businesses.

If your business has taken on a new apprentice, of any age, you can apply for up to £1,000 to support them with travel costs or additional equipment to support and enhance their apprenticeship journey.

This grant is designed to remove potential invisible barriers through financially supporting your new apprentice. You can apply for £1,000.00 towards your new apprentice and either choose one grant package (wage enhancement or additional equipment) for the full £1,000.00 or split across both grant packages for £500.00 each, still totalling to £1,000.00.  This one-off grant could assist with the start-up costs for the employer and in turn benefit the apprentice.

For more information, eligibility and how to apply please contact us at: