People with Criminal Records

People with criminal records can face many challenges accessing employment, education and training. Many of these individuals will assume that they will be judged purely on the basis of their criminal record, rather than for their skills, character or intrinsic value.

Government Update:

“Following a change in the law over 120,000 former offenders will find it easier to get work and turn their lives away from crime. Now, custodial sentences of four years or more years for less serious crimes become ‘spent’ after a seven-year period of rehabilitation, as long as no further offence is committed” – GOV.UK

To read more on this change in law, click here.

Unlock Charity:

Unlock is an independent charity for people with convictions who are dealing with the effects of having a criminal record. They give advice and support across areas such as: how to disclose to employers, criminal record checks, getting insurance and travelling abroad through their confidential peer-run helpline.

They have a digital toolkit for guidance to higher education providers to develop fair practice for students with criminal records, click here to read the digital toolkit.

Hollesley Bay:

Apprenticeships Suffolk are working closely with HM Prison Hollesley Bay in Suffolk, supporting those with a criminal record who are looking to access employment, education or training.

We are looking for local inclusive employers that would like to consider supporting a person with a criminal record with meaningful employment and a fresh start.  Please do contact us for an informal conversation to find out more and the positive impact this can have on your business growth.

Why employ someone with a criminal record?

Links & downloads:

B-Radical – A trusted diversity training and recruitment advisory and consultancy partner that helps businesses to do something about EDI. Radical Recruit is a charity that supports those furthest from the labour market to secure meaningful and well-paid employment through sponsorship partnerships with some of the country’s biggest employers.

Inside Connections – Providing support and opportunities to those in or exiting custody, care, or the armed forces, as well as those in the community.

New Futures Network – a specialist part of HM Prison and Probation Service which attracts and supports employers to work with prisons in England and Wales.