Alternative Services, Links & Downloads


Pathway to Apprenticeships – Provides 121 support to those 16+ who are wanting to explore the apprenticeship pathway, focusing on any barriers individuals might face before entering their apprenticeship.

Inspire Suffolk – 16-24 Employability Programmes, Princes Trust and pre-apprenticeship vocational training

Lofty Heights – Employability, work experience and life skills

The Mix – A drop in centre for young people offering support for work, education and training

One Haverhill – Support for families and young people in Haverhill

Realise Futures – Disability services & support organisation in Suffolk

Adult Learning Service – Providing people 19+ with opportunities to move towards employment

Green Light Trust – Building Health, Hope and Happiness through the power of nature

Minding the Gap – Supporting young people towards the Labour Market

Multiply Suffolk – Support for adults 19+ with improving their numeracy skills

Apprenticeships Norfolk – Provides free advice and guidance for apprenticeship seekers and step-by-step support for employers looking to offer apprenticeships.


‘icanbea’ – Careers advice

The Source – A website for 16-24 year olds.

Amazing apprenticeships – A leading organisation in the education sector, founded to tackle misconceptions about apprenticeships and promote the benefits.

Volunteering Matters – Volunteer mentoring and work with young people

Speakers for Schools – Our Home – Supporting young people into programmes

Suffolk InfoLink – Explore thousands of activities, services and events across Suffolk

Refugee Education UK – Education guidance for refugees entering the UK

Education Welcome Project – Information for students from Ukraine

Home – Youth Employment UK – Supporting young people into employment

Help for Households – Income Support

Suffolk Joint Learning Disability Strategy – Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership

SchoolOnline – Supporting students in the Suffolk Virtual School with English and Maths

Wellbeing resources page – List of useful contacts, websites and services to support your wellbeing.