Parent / Carer

Choosing the right post 16 options for your son, daughter or the young person you care for can be a challenge.  There are various people who can help you with that decision, for example staff at their current school or college, advisors at the college they hope to progress to, their Careers Advisor and other professionals who may be involved in their care. 

We have provided a range of useful information, either as links to other sites or helpful guides for you to download, plus a frequently asked questions sheet for those simple, easy to answer questions.  They are there to give you, the parent or carer, information which may impact on your family or home circumstances, should an apprenticeship be the route that is the best choice for your young person.  That is not to say that the information should be used to influence the decision, but it is better to have all the information at hand so that you can, together, make a more informed decision about next steps.

If you need any help, information or the answer to a question that is not covered by the above please contact us and someone in the team will get back to you as soon as possible.